Stopped me in my Tracks

Stopped me in my Tracks


May 26th, 2013


This post just stopped me dead in my tracks. Even if you are not overly religious, or struggling with your faith in the wake of such a horrific event, this post just brought so much light onto everything, and literally added a burning light to my already over filled heart. Please share these words, originally by “Chris Daub” and shared here by Connie Sumpter-Cannon…

A midst┬áthe countless posts about the tornado that devastated Moore, Oklahoma, i read this desperate question posted by one…. Where is God?…. I pondered this as i quietly prayed in tears …. Here is my feeble, humble attempt at an answer: God is in the rubble where one was protected. God is in the rescuer whose hand pulls them out. God is in the teacher who sacrificed selflessly as a shield for precious students. God is in the comfort given to one whose lost everything, the tears shed with another as they say goodbye to things and people precious to them. God is in those who rally together to bring help, hope and comfort to those who are suffering. He is in every kind act, every hand outstretched, every tear shed and every prayer spoken. God is the outpouring of love that is rising from the rubble, He is the beauty being raised from these ashes. God is the determination to keep searching for that one, to get thru the pain and loss and devastation, to keep digging and when the worst is over-to rise and build again. In fact, it occurs to me now, it would be far easier to answer where God isn’t. I encourage you to step up, be Gods hands outstretched to those who are suffering. Be a voice in prayer for those who have no prayer in their heart. Hope for those who at this moment cannot hope. Vision for those who cannot see past their own pain and loss. Cry the tears for those who have no tears left to shed. Give what God had given you to give. Rally together and bear the burdens of our brothers and sisters in Oklahoma. Answer their desperate question and let’s show them exactly where God is!

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  1. Nancy says:

    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing this.

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